14 Easy & Creative Thanksgiving Fundraising Ideas

Creating an event on Facebook an easy way to spread the word. Unique pledge campaigns are a great way to catch the attention of supporters for your personal fundraising project. This fundraising idea involves you asking for pledges in exchange for a completing a specific challenge. Crowdfunding is one of the easiest ways for individuals to get started fundraising.
Virtually every student will be part of an elementary school fundraiser before reaching the 6th grade. If you need a simple, high-profit fundraiser, take a look at our Elementary School scratch card fundraisers. Bake sales have long been one of the most popular ways of raising funds for schools, teams, churches PTO/PTA groups and organizations of all kinds. They can be great at raising funds during the holidays because there is little capital required as volunteers and parents can supply all the baked goodies. You could also have the items for sale donated by a local bakery.
T-shirt fundraisers are a great fundraiser for mission trips because they allow you to raise money for your trip while offering your supporters something tangible in return. At a time when online fundraising is slowly becoming the new norm, mobile fundraising could be the new disrupter. For example, the Obama campaign has been using the mobile payments provider and tech-darling Square since 2012 to allow staff and volunteers to accept donations in the field. Take a look at more winter fundraising ideas and find the right one for your nonprofit. You can collect cash or accept payments via fundraising kiosks or mobile giving terminals. Include this educational idea in your strategy to raise money with your next fundraiser.
This fundraiser program appeals to a wide range of people of all ages. More importantly, this fundraiser is simple, straightforward, and inexpensive. Buying and selling fundraising ideas for high school requires no explanation, and supporters are often willing to spend $1 or $2 to help schools raise money.
Carnations are a popular flower and can be sold for a reasonable price. This makes them a great option for people who want to buy flowers for their loved ones. Car washes typically charge by the car, so the more cars that come through, the more money the school will make. To attract customers, schools can advertise their car wash on social media, in local newspapers or on flyers around town. Offering a discount for prepaid car wash packages is also a great way to encourage customers to come back.