22 Successful Basketball Fundraising Ideas for Your Team

Contact families and local businesses for tools and supplies for the cleanup day, such as gloves, bags, rakes and other supplies. Giving candy is common on Valentine’s Day, but you can turn this into a great fundraiser with candygrams. Sell small bundles of candy or flowers for students to buy and have delivered to their Valentines. Be sure students know they can send candygrams for any reason, from secret admirer to friends.
These 21 great ideas are sure to help your school raise the funds you will need to send your cheerleaders to their next competition. Each of these are fun ways to get donations from your community. If you haven’t noticed by now, the element of competition works really well in school fundraisers. With a plethora of competitions to choose from, this school fundraising idea can be adapted to any school.
Compete against schools fundraising to see who can complete the most push-ups or sit-ups in a defined time period, or challenge yourself to meet or exceed a set goal. If your team has access to gym equipment that your participants can use free of charge, you can incorporate that equipment into your challenges. A face painting and temporary tattoo booth is an excellent way to boost team spirit at game time in addition to raising money for your team.
Assuming your students will automatically sell because they believe in your purpose is far-fetched. To be successful at raising money, they must have clearly defined sales goals and expectations. Wrestling fundraising is quite often reflective of its sport and more of an individual project. But scratch card fundraising is a terrific way for either teams or individual wrestlers to meet their financial needs. Each scratch card raises $100 and can be imprinted with up to three lines of custom text to customize your card. “Grab a bag” is a PTA fundraising idea with a lot of potential.
Another way to involve the principal in a fundraiser is a principal challenge. For this fundraiser, you can pick almost any prank or challenge for the principal (provided they agree to it, of course). Raising funds on Valentine’s day with chocolate is a thematically appropriate idea.
We are here to offer you free advice and support with your fundraising ideas. Your students’ talents open up even more fundraising opportunities to your group! Consider implementing one of these fundraisers to showcase your abilities to the community and generate support for your music program. Encourage your students’ creative abilities while raising money for your school with this creative fundraising idea.
Offer side dishes, drinks and desserts for sale to go with the BBQ. Charge admission to the cook-off and have attendees taste and vote for their favorite entries. Add music, games and other entertainment and make it a community-wide event. An important experience for many students at school is the chance to express themselves artistically.