AirPlay Not Working on Samsung TV? Try this FIX!

If all of the previous methods did not work, there might be issue on your iOS device. To do this, simply press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Then press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo. For Mac, simply click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar and check if it is connected to the network where your iPhone is connected.
Choose Automatically enable built-in software to accept incoming connections from the drop-down menu. The reason to do so is that sometimes other devices are continuously interfering with the intended devices to be connected. It is advisable to bring all the devices closer to get the interference out of the way in such cases. Another reason why Apple TV may not play content is when the application you’re trying to broadcast from doesn’t support AirPlay. We recommend checking the provider’s website to see whether it supports AirPlay.
I could see my other AirPlay devices but not the TV, which was strange because I had used AirPlay with that same TV a couple of hours ago. I’m really tearing my hair out here, does anyone have any ideas of what else to try? If I can’t get this working I’ve wasted my money as I have no other use for the apple TV. I can however “cast” a video from the AppleTV+ App on the MBA to the TV .
The streaming app itself may prompt you to make sure you are still watching programs after several hours, but none of this should affect the device itself. Many people rely on AirPlay for their daily tasks, and it can be really frustrating when the feature stops working for you. With the steps outlined above, you should be able to fix your AirPlay problems in no time. Apple recommends that you enable Bluetooth on your iOS devices to use AirPlay. If you use AirPlay on your Apple TV, it might be in sleep mode, causing a disruption in the connection. As both your devices restart, the AirPlay not working on your Mac issue should be fixed.
Check if your Samsung TV is on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If none of these solutions work, you may need to contact Samsung Customer Support for further assistance. Are you facing a problem with AirPlay on your Samsung TV?
You may not be able to connect the AirPlay to Roku TV due to connectivity issues. However, you can quickly fix it by restarting the Wi-Fi Router. We are doing it because sometimes, this issue can occur due to weak signals. If the AirPlay or Roku TV is getting weak signals from the Wi-Fi Router, then it’s likely that you will face the AirPlay Not Working on Roku TV. This feature adapts to your environment, whether you’re at work or in a public space, and adjusts the firewall settings for the best protection.
Thus, it’s important to troubleshoot both devices when dealing with this situation. Secondly, make sure the audio level on both devices are turned up. Finally, look at the left edge of your iPhone and ensure it isn’t set to silent mode. If it is, the ring switch will be pushed down, exposing an orange line. But in Mirroring Android Screen to Windows 10 ’re trying to AirPlay from one Mac running an old version of macOS to another running macOS Monterey, and you don’t see the icon, you can enable it manually. If you’re AirPlaying from your iPhone or iPad, just keeping Wi-Fi enabled should do the job.
Open the app on your Mac and you will see three connection methods. Select WLAN on the main interface and click “Share this computer screen”. Enter the Cast code that appears on the AirDroid cast interface of the aother PC. Once you enter the code, the connection will start immediately, your computer’s screen should appear on your remote computer now. If your devices are AirPlay compatible and connected to the same Wi-Fi network and still you are unable to AirPlay, then try turning your Wi-Fi off and on. Also, you can enable airplane mode and then turn it off to reconnect Wi-Fi.