NAJA accepting donations for 2019 Silent Auction Native American Journalists Association

Try procuring tickets from VIP donors with season passes – they can often provide superior seats than the companies running the events. When it comes to donor favorites, desirable doesn’t have to mean expensive. Gift baskets are the perfect item for guests looking for an elegant and appealing prize that’s still affordable to bid on. Help your prizes stand out with appealing and eye-catching visuals, spotlights, or even display stands. If using props, be sure that they complement your item rather than distract from it. Once the auction is closed, the prize is awarded to the highest bidder.
Any way you spin it, a live appeal is the perfect opportunity for guests who aren’t bidding (or those who just want to give more!) to contribute to your cause. In return, your organization offers them advertising in event materials and the positive reputation boost that comes with supporting a good cause. Obviously, the venue you end up selecting should be reflective of the ambience you’re trying to create. Consider the theme of your auction and the main demographics of your guest list when vetting out venues.
Click here for a sample auction donation letter for use in communicating with vendors around your community. We have included a sample auction donation form to help you craft your very own. By offering exclusive high-end items that make anyone feel like a VIP, your donor base will raise their paddles as they dust off their suits and crowns. After spending so much time at home, everyone’s all about making memorable experiences these days. Give the people what they want by offering an array of unique real-world adventures. After all, technically it’s all priceless because bidders are also bidding on the opportunity to do good.
That’s why I created this affordable Silent & Online Auction Guide for charity auctions. In this article, I’ll share just a few of the tips I provide in the guide for where to get silent auction items for your next charity event. You’ll be off to a great start if you can identify silent auction items that are experiential in nature.
For many people, their knowledge of wine or bourbon ends with “pairs well with steak/seafood/Italian/etc.“ That’s not necessarily who you’re targeting with this auction item. A tailgating basket is perfect for auction guests who never miss a game and willingly show up hours in advance to get the same tailgating spot that they’ve been parked in year after year. You could create a general tailgating basket, or take it a step further to make a SuprFan basket that includes merch for a specific sports team. If you’ve lived there for a while, have you visited all of the local restaurants and shops?
If you want your consignment items (or any of your auction items) to sell for good prices, hire a professional auctioneer and follow their advice. This can be a good way to obtain popular or one-of-a-kind auction items like exotic trips or autographed sports memorabilia. Your nonprofit or charity won’t have to pay for anything upfront and if the item sells for a good price, you can pocket some profit. donations for silent auction who support nonprofits and charities often have to balance their parental responsibilities with their desire to help the community.
A good strategy when looking for travel and experience-based silent auction items is to procure a few big-ticket vacation packages as well as some smaller travel accessories. This way, all auction participants can bid on the items that fit their budget. You also may encourage the same supporters to compete for several items, such as a trip and something they can use when taking that trip. For example, you might offer a beach getaway and a set of high-end surfboards as separate items, or place a gift basket full of airplane essentials next to a voucher for plane tickets. Don’t see what you’re looking for on our list, or interested in seeing even more companies that have online donation requests for silent auctions? Visit TheShareWay and sign up for free to view our extensive database of over 300 companies that donate specifically to nonprofits seeking event and fundraiser donations.