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Then, pick a date and location (a local park is a great backdrop). Families can pay a reduced rate ($20 to $30) and pick a time slot. Over the course of the day, tons of families can get their photos, which means tons of donations for your fundraiser. Participants (students) commit to reading in order … Read more

22 Successful Basketball Fundraising Ideas for Your Team

Contact families and local businesses for tools and supplies for the cleanup day, such as gloves, bags, rakes and other supplies. Giving candy is common on Valentine’s Day, but you can turn this into a great fundraiser with candygrams. Sell small bundles of candy or flowers for students to buy and have delivered to their … Read more

14 Easy & Creative Thanksgiving Fundraising Ideas

Creating an event on Facebook an easy way to spread the word. Unique pledge campaigns are a great way to catch the attention of supporters for your personal fundraising project. This fundraising idea involves you asking for pledges in exchange for a completing a specific challenge. Crowdfunding is one of the easiest ways for individuals … Read more

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